Free Shipping in South Africa


Free Shipping in South Africa

Karmin Cares Fund

5% of all Salon Pro sales go to help children in need

You know that feeling when you're really hungry? That horrible gnawing at your stomach? Think what it must be like to feel like that all day, every day.

Now think how a hungry child must feel. How it would take over your young life. How it would stop you thinking about anything else. How it would get in the way of all the normal things you should be doing.

When you see kids suffer like this, it's heartbreaking. You want to do something – anything – to help.

That's how I felt when I started traveling around the world on business for Karmin. I went to far too many places where people were living in poverty through no fault of their own, and where children were going hungry.

It's why I decided to set up a special fund called Karmin Cares. And why 5% of all the proceeds from all Karmin Salon Pro sales go straight into the Karmin Cares fund, to help feed children who don't have enough to eat.

Sometimes it isn't easy to find the time or know how to help make a difference. But just through buying Karmin Salon Pro products, you'll be helping our fund and showing that you care too.

Thanks for your support.

Kris Kelly