Karmin Salon Series Ultralight Professional Hair Dryer

Karmin Salon Series Ultralight Professional Ionic Hair Dryer

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Superior power, faster, healthier styling and flawless results in an ultralight design unlike any other.

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Reviewed on 16/02/2015, By Elena
I've been shopping for a good hair dryer for quite a while, and Karmin is definitely the best one I've tried. I currently own T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i which is a fantastic dryer except that it is far from featherweight. I wanted something more powerful, quieter and lighter. I had recently purchased famous Harry Josh's hair dryer, but I have to admit that it didn't blow me away. I have long thick color-treated hair, and blow drying is literally an event that takes 20-30 minutes. Even though Harry Josh's dryer cut drying time in half, I felt that for the price, it should've come with its own live stylist, but instead, my hair just got dryer and dryer after each blow dry - last thing I need in Florida with high humidity. Rather than spending less time on drying and constantly putting anti-humidity or moisturizing products in my hair, I'd rather spend extra 5-10 minutes on my blow dry and have my hair look like I just visited my stylist. Karmin does just that. It is pretty powerful but doesn't damage hair. If you set it to high heat, it will probably take you just a few minutes to dry - it gets really-really hot. I prefer medium heat setting if I have a few extra minutes. It still produces good heat, but is very gentle on your hair and doesn't burn it. Karmin features so many wonderful options, in addition to being extremely light. Negative and positive ion option is fantastic, I don't believe there is anything on the market with both options and it is important to me. I used negative ions to dry my hair throughout, and then switched to positive when my hair was about 80% dry and styled it with a round brush. It feels like positive ions tamed and conditioned hair. I wanted my hair to fall down nicely and I achieved the look pretty effortlessly. My hair looks healthy and shiny. Also, cool shot button is very comfortable to reach and hold so you can seal cuticles. I've always struggled with cold shot button because most hair dryers will cause you finger arthritis by the time you are done holding it, but not Karmin. I am so impressed! Can't wait to use it again, and I never thought I'd ever say this about blow drying my hair :). Thank you, Karmin!
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Great hair dryer ever!

Reviewed on 17/12/2014, By Felicia
It is so light and drying faster than any hair dryer I've ever used. Finished shining result and that's awesome
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The best hairdryer ever invented!

Reviewed on 09/12/2014, By Alison
This is quite simply the most amazing hairdryer I could ever imagine!
It is so light and easy to hold. My hair is long and thick and my arm often gets tired and sore drying my hair. This is very light and petite.
It is gorgeous! How can a hairdryer be gorgeous? Well it is; it is white and black and glossy with silver buttons and it looks amazing. It is also beautifully boxed so would make a lovely gift.
However, the very best feature of this hairdryer is the speed and accuracy at which it dries your hair. It is superfast! But with the speed, there is also precision and it doesn't just blast at your hair but keeps it well under control. After using this hairdryer I do not even need to straighten my hair and that is a first, I don't know if this is because of the smoothing effect of the ions or just because it is so fast and precise. It has a very high heat but also a cool setting and a cold blast. There are also two power switches. I have also tried the diffuser which is even faster and made a lovely job of curls in jig time.
I hate having to dry and style my hair most mornings before I go to work but with the Karmin it is almost effortless. This is an expensive hairdryer but, in my opinion, it is well worth the money as there is nothing else like it.
I thoroughly recommend this hairdryer and I am convinced you will love it as much as I do!
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Great Tool!

Reviewed on 28/05/2014, By Paragon Salon
This lightweight dryer gets the job done. It's quiet and gets my clients hair dry quickly! LOVE
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